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What are we living for?

Little did I know that after taking 250 sack lunched to a Public Catholic School and being able to share the Gospel with those students and their teachers this morning(Monday) God had several other divine appointments lined up for the day.

After lunch we took the group to visit one of our five bus routes(where Granny lives). This is an area where there are shanty homes all around the sides of  the mountains. We met a lady who lives there, and she got saved along with her husband (I’ll tell the story later). She made a statement and here it is: “We live to live, but don’t know what we are living for.” Now she has Jesus as her Savior, so I was able to say  “now you know what you are living for…JESUS!”

It is about 2:30 in the morning and I just returned home from passing out Bibles, blankets, tracts, and sandwiches to the homeless. We had a tremendous time and give God the glory for all those that received Christ as Savior! I’m too tired to write now, but trust me…it was incredible!!!!

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