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Update on our family…and how we need your help!

Yesterday our children started back to school. I guess you could consider this as an “answer to prayer” and a “prayer request.” We are very thankful for the small Christian School that our children are able to attend while serving here on the mission field. Fetzer Memorial Christian Academy is a wonderful school that God has blessed with wonderful godly leadership, and godly short term missionary teachers who have obeyed God’s calling to come here and teach missionary children. Please remember our five children in your prayers that they will do their best for the glory of God.

Our family is starting a new bus route this month. Our church already has four routes where we rent busses and pick up adults and children bringing them to church on Sundays, but there are still areas that we need to reach. Please pray for our family and this route as we work together visiting and meeting new people sharing the love of Christ.

Please pray for Mike as he has been dealing with a stomach bacteria. Yesterday his doctor put him on a new medication and will be doing more tests over the next few weeks.

Chelene is teaching Sunday School and also training others. Please pray for Chelene and these ladies as she disciples them to be teachers and leaders for the Lord.

We’ve seen the Lord bless in our church ministries and the children’s home ministry. We finished building our youth center at New Life Baptist Church (except for a few things such as painting and insulation), and the youth are enjoying having their own place to meet every week.
We started the building construction for the interns and short term missionary apartments at the Children’s Home. We have already put the roof on the first floor apartments. What a blessing it is to see this vision come to reality.

We’ve seen several more adoptions and also taken in more babies. Please pray for the financial needs of this ministry.
This year we have decided to send the children in the Children’s Home to another school. Until now we have not had another option but a Catholic Public School in walking distance to the Home. The school they will be attending this year is further away, but much better. The cost will be about $400.00 more per month in total. Please pray for this need to be met.

WE NEED A BUS!!!! Our Children’s Home and ministry has grown to the place that we need a bus. We have a 12 passenger van, but by law we can not carry more than that at a time. Even to do an activity for the children we have to rent a bus which limits us and what we can do. Please join with us in praying for one of the following: A used and abused city bus in the late 90’s will cost around $35,000.00 (with no guarantee), but we can get a new 25 passenger bus for $45,000.00 or even a 42 passenger bus for $55,000.00
We will be able to use this bus for the Children’s Home, church, activities, and for missionary groups who come to help the ministry. THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU for your prayers (and giving)!!!!

We are now preparing for our 4th Annual Pastors and Leaders Conference. The dates are April 5th-8th. We will be hosting hundreds of national pastors and leaders from all over Peru. We rent a camp and take care of them for three full days at no charge to them. This is to offer these pastors and leaders encouragement, training, and fellowship. These pastors and leaders need our prayers to reach their country for Christ. Many have shared with me how God has used this time to change their hearts and love for their families, ministries, and souls, and cause them to keep serving. And yes, please pray about helping with this financial need.

I have often heard pastors and friends say over the years “If you don’t tell us the need, how will we be able to help?” …This is why we share our visions, goals, and needs.

I recently read this statement about RISK- “A ship in the harbor is safe…but that’s not what ships are made for.” I won’t preach here, but that is good!

We’ve also been busy helping good friends, Matt and Crystal Herrell (along with their four children) who have just moved here to Peru as missionaries. We’ve know them for many years and it has been an honor helping them get settled into a new culture and doing all the many things it takes to set up home on the mission field. We are now working on getting their container out of customs. Please pray for them during this time of transition.

Blessings to you,

The Kennedys

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  1. Anna Gay Newell says:

    Bro. Mike, I will try to pray for each of the great needs I have read about on this website. Your ministry is growing as you are sowing. God recently blessed me with this verse in I Kings 17:14 “..for the barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail..” God’s cruse of oil will not fail you as He has promised. God is faithful. My heart broke when I read about the village burning down and I know your hearts were broken because you could not give them a dwelling place.

    God bless you today and meet all your needs as only He can do.
    Anna Gay

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