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One of the best chocolate candy bars in the world(in my opinion) is the sublime made by Nestle in Peru, South America. We share this candy bar with every group that comes to visit us. Most buy boxes to take back home and share. I guess it’s one of those things that you just have to try for yourself to understand, and too good not to share with others! That’s what I think of when I reminisce over the last two weeks. Sublime! Maybe I should just list a few of the things I’m referring to.

We had more adoptions go through.

We took in a couple more babies into the Children’s Home.

I met with two judges in order to help with three of the children who have been in our Children’s Home for several years. The meetings went wonderful and I left knowing that God had done something that I could not. We are praying that soon they will be with their family.

I got to personally lead several to Christ.

Joshy translated for Peggy as they led about 6 people to Christ.

We hosted two more wonderful groups who came and served others every day! Some in those groups led others to Christ for the first time ever…what a blessing to see this happen!

While visiting on one our bus routes with Pastor Doug and his church group, the large bus we used pulled a cable down that fed electricity to one of the shanty homes. When the husband and wife came to talk with us about it we were able to share the love of Christ with them and they both trusted Christ into their hearts and lives! This same lady said “we live to live, but don’t have anything to live for.” The light was turned on for them that day… and yes, we got the electricity back on too!

On another bus route we have a small soup kitchen that we try and help as often as we can, to help feed those without anything. The thatch roof was falling in, and both groups replaced it with a new one of better material!

We had a special youth night on the 10th. Brother Carl Keith preached and we had around 15 saved.

We fed supper(spaghetti, bread, salad, and ice-cream) to a group of Military Soldiers and Colonels then gave them the Gospel…on Base! This was incredible to see. When we got to the Base they already had tables and chairs set up outside for us to serve them and have a meeting.

We fed supper(spaghetti, chips, and ice-cream) to one of the(over 40) holding centers where abandoned girls, toddlers, and babies are held until Judges find a Children’s Home or “institution” to place them in. Many only end up back on the streets with no family at all. We fed the children and staff before sharing the Word of God with them. Many received the gift of Salvation! Get the word out now, they asked us to come back with PIZZA!

We gave out tens of thousands of Bibles and tracts on the streets of downtown Lima over the last two weeks!

Seen over 400 people publicly profess to accept Christ as Savior over the last two weeks!

We went into another public school that we had never been in and fed over 200 lunches. My wife shared the Gospel with them in a large group and the majority, along with teachers, prayed the sinners prayer!!!!

We went twice giving out Bibles, Blankets, and Sandwiches to the homeless sleeping on the streets of Lima. Many sad stories turned good as one after another received Christ into their hearts!

Had over 20 people saved in each of the last two Sunday morning services! Hallelujah!!!!!

Last Sunday morning (11th)we baptized over 20 including our oldest two sons(Mikey and Joshy). Mommy and Daddy are so proud!

I knew that I would be traveling for the next two weeks, so I got in all kinds of hugs and kisses from my awesome family!

My daughter Mikayla and I had a special “Daddy and Princess Date” and we invited Mommy to go along too…I’m broke!

My Birthday was the 12th and everyone made it very special for me. Both the Church and the Children’s Home had parties for me!

Well, I know that these last two weeks were filled with these and other wonderful things that I fail to remember, But God has the details and one day we will meet everyone that was reached as we serve Him together in Heaven!

In closing, I thank you for allowing me to share a bit of the “sublime” in my life with you!

Blessings to you all,

Bro. Mike

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