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Several more children soon to be adopted…

This last week New Life Children’s Home had several more children reach a very pivotal point in their lives. They received their declaration of abandonment papers and are now eligible for adoption. In order for (abandoned children) to ever be adopted they first must be “declared abandoned.” Although thousand of children are abandoned and orphaned here in Peru every year, many never get officially declared abandoned and therefore are never adopted. This is one of the reasons NLCH focuses on helping totally abandoned children. We do all we can to help the children that come to NLCH receive their declaration papers. We have seen the Lord bless our labor over the years and many children are now adopted. Our heart is for every one of these children to be with God honoring Christian families. It is not up to us to decide who gets what children or what families get approved for adoption, and this has been one of the biggest challenges for us. After investing years into these children and becoming their family it is hard when we see them go to a family that doesn’t know Christ personally but, on the bright side, we know that ultimately God is in control! He will not leave them or forsake them!

Please pray for the children currently at NLCH and those that are  now with their families (60). Also please pray for the families who are waiting to be matched with children.

Thank you for your prayers and for helping us reach these children with the Love of Christ.


The Kennedys

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  1. Nancy Woodall says:

    Peggy, my Sunday school class, at New Bridge Baptist Church, Richmond, VA, is helping to support John Kevin and we would like to know how he is doing? Could you email me an update on him. Thank you, and God bless you. Nancy

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