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Salvation through faith!

Today we were blessed to see a young boy (Abel) in our Children’s Home pray and ask Jesus to be his personal Savior. He is the same age (9) as I was when I put my faith in Christ. Hallelujah!!!

It was awesome sharing with Abel that he is so special to God that He gave His Son Jesus to die in his place…it was also wonderful to see a child that was abandoned by his earthly parents have faith in the love God has for him. We are all so very special to God.

Thank you for your prayers for us and this wonderful ministry,

The Kennedys

(Title of this post by Joshy Kennedy)

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  1. Penny Jenkins says:

    Mike, What awesome news about Abel, I am so glad to hear that he has the assurance of his eternal future in his life now! Praise God!!!

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