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Rescued two more babies!

With all the “sad news” going on all around us…are you ready to hear some wonderful new?
We have recently taken in two more babies that were abandoned. John is only 14 months old. He came into the Children’s Home last week.
Maria is only two months old and she came into our Home on Monday of this week. Her mother left her at the Hospital the day she was born and never came back.
Our focus is not on how sad this is, but how exciting it is that we get to have a part in their lives. We get to share with them how special they are and how much they are loved. They will get to hear “Jesus loves you” and things like “you are so beautiful and special.” Everyone should have that opportunity in life.
Please pray for this ministry, the workers, the health of these children, the financial needs, our family, and all that goes on in running a Children’s Home.
We will try and have their photos uploaded as soon as possible. We have had trouble uploading photos over the last few weeks.

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