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Report From Boys Holding Tank

Yesterday (Thursday, July 21st) myself and some friends visiting here with us went to a boys holding tank that is overseen by the police.

We have only been able to enter twice over the last 8 years. This is one of the locations where young and older boys are placed. Most of these boys have either been abused or have abused others themselves. Abandoned and homeless boys are also placed here. Many are placed there by judges because of a crime they have committed. Everyone broken heart locked up at night!
We went there with hygiene supplies, food supplies, sports equipment, snacks, and most importantly Bibles to give everyone. We called and asked to be able to visit these boys and spend some time with them. Even though this high security place is very much shut of to the public and we’ve not been able to get in over the last few years, they said we could. Because of our testimony with other holding tanks overseen by the police here, they welcomed us in.
Once we arrived I took the opportunity to share with them that some of the children that once lived there later came to our Children’s Home (NLCH) and are now adopted and doing wonderful. Everyone needs encouragement and I could tell this brought them much joy and satisfaction.
We were able to go in and spend some quality time with these boys and share the Love of Christ with them all. It was so awesome to hear them pray and ask God to forgive them and to save them.
Then, we spent time teaching them how to play baseball on their very small court in back. We had the soft bats and balls. I wished you could all see the smiles on their faces as we just took time to share and have fun with them. We even had several of the police listening to us and playing baseball with us.
I share this story with you so that God would be glorified. He once again opened doors and touched hearts. I can not say how many truly called on Christ to save them, but I can say that they all heard the “Good News Of Salvation.”
Sharing HIS love is so much fun and never a waist of time. Thank you to everyone that prays for us and makes it possible for us to live here as missionaries.


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