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See the photos of the soup kitchen trailer

On Wednesday morning Chelene and I went to see the progress on the soup kitchen trailer…what a blessing this was to see!!!

After years of praying, dreaming, planing, saving and raising funds, talking about, telling others about, and just thriving to start this ministry to reach others through this portable soup kitchen ministry we are seeing it come to a reality!

To actually step inside of this trailer and imagine what it is going to be like pulling up to a village, or school, our military base, or business, or church, or just anywhere the lord leads us and sharing the love of Christ along with giving out Bibles, soup, and bread to multitudes was so joyful that no words can explain.

Thank you to those that give, pray, believe, and come here to visit and take part in the ministries here. You are more vital to this outreach than you will ever know.

Below are some of the photos we took of the trailer. It is still on schedule to be finished and ready to use June 15th. If you would like to support this soup kitchen ministry by giving a one time gift or regularly so that we can cover the needs such as gas, soup, and supplies please send your donation to CMC (our support address) along with a letter designating how you would like your support to be used.

Please keep us and this ministry in your prayers. We are blessed to have each of you in our lives.


The Kennedys

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  1. Mike,
    These pictures are great to see. I have printed one out and posted it near the ‘offering box’ at the church.
    Pastor Jim

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