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Passion…an awesome beginning already!

No doubt there will be many challenges and obstacles for us to confront this year as is with every year, but our focus is not on the challenges, the sacrifices, the disappointments, or even the things we can not accomplish. Although each of these things deserve our attention and our faithful trust in the Lord to carry us through and to teach us, our focus is set on the many wonderful things that we get to see God do right before our eyes! Those things that God does to “wow” us!
Already we have seen God do so many wonderful things this year to wow us. We have seen Him meet needs everyday, we have seen Him open doors so that we could witness for Him, we have seen first hand His grace and how sufficient it really is. “WOW” what a God we serve! …I could really go on with this all day you know!
Our focus this year is our passion.
Please pray for us as we set to accomplish many things over the next few months (and 2011) that the Lord has been leading us to do. Our vision includes new ministries, bus routes, churches, a home to help young pregnant girls, more abandoned children reached, more children adopted, and much more.
We look forward to posting each week exciting things that are happening and how God is working through you and your prayers for us and the ministries here in Peru.
I recently read the following statement and felt it worthy to share.
“For passion to take hold, we first have to have vision.”
These are two things that I believe we should all have in life…vision and passion!!!


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  1. John Poe says:

    Brother Mike,

    If there is anyone that I know that has vision and a passion to glorify God it’s you. May you have a great 2011 as you strive to reach the goals you have for this year.

    We’ll look forward to being back in Peru with you folks later this year!

    God Bless

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