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I love giving out Gospel tracts…

Today I walked to Burger King to eat a late lunch, and while I was inside eating a young boy approached me and asked for some food. I handed him my order of french fries (thinking he would not really want my half eaten hamburger). He said “gracias” (thank you) and turned to walk away. I called him back and handed him a Gospel tract. As I was walking home I noticed another boy sitting on the sidewalk by himself reading intensively a Gospel tract just like the one I gave the other boy. I went to him and asked him about the tract and where he got it from. He told me that his friend (Enrique) gave it to him and he was waiting for him to return. As we were talking Erique came and sure enough, it was the boy I gave the tract to earlier. I talked to them both and shared the Love of Christ with them. Standing there in a parking lot Enrique (12 years old) and John (18 years old) both asked Jesus to forgive them of their sins and be their Savior! Praise the Lord!!!
Thank you Lord for allowing me to share your love with others.

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  1. Mary Coffey says:

    I just love how God works even through a simple tract. Sometimes we think that giving them out isn’t important enough but what we forget is that God has already set the stage for that tract/Bible/Witness – whatever it may be – to be used. We don’t have to do that hard work, God does that – all we have to do is be obedient!

  2. Felicia Henderson says:

    How awesome God is! That little mustard seed can turn into a huge mustard plant. :) The small things that we allow Him do do through us can be great for His kingdom. May we all let God work in and through us.

  3. Nicky Waters says:

    Praise the LORD!! Obedience is our command, Outcome is HIS work !! What a blessing to share the love of JESUS!

  4. Dwight Shupe says:

    This story is truly a blessing to hear Mike. I couldn’t believe the excitement of the people there in peru when I was there and helped handing out tracts. I think of you and the people there daily. What a blessing you and your family are there. I wish you and everyone that works with you, many souls for your labor. God Bless and take care. Your friend, Dwight.

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