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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to everyone! We are in “up state” New York with family and friends…freezing! Actually we are having a wonderful time watching the kids enjoy themselves. They love the snow!

We miss our Peruvian family and friends very much! They had a great Christmas at the Children’s Home and we look forward to sharing pictures with you soon on the New Life Children’s Home facebook page. Chelene does a great job with that!

Last Friday we took in another baby only a month old. The baby’s mother is 14 and was violated. Praise the Lord for “New Life!”

We are in awe of how the Lord continues to meet our needs. Among other things, He has given us a van to drive while we are here visiting, safety while traveling thousands of miles, and many friends praying for us.  How blessed we are!

Thank you all for your prayers and keeping up with our family and the ministries God has given to us. Please pray for a new ministry that God is allowing us to start soon. “Feed Their Hunger” is a portable soup kitchen used to feed both the physical and spiritual hunger throughout Peru(and eventually the world!). There is so much that the Lord has already done to bless this work and we are excited to get this rolling in March! Take a look at our website(that is still under construction).

We pray for God’s blessings upon each of you,

The Kennedys and The New Life Children’s Home

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