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Fruits from your giving…

A few weeks we (along with some other friends) took some clothes and Bibles to a village where we have a bus route. In a matter of 10 minutes we had over 100 people there on the little dirt road listening to us share God’s love for them. All people that we did not even know.
It was great to be there and give them the Bibles and clothes along with having Pastor David clearly share the Salvation message. Many professed Christ as Savior! The next day we had over 30 of those people on the bus. The following Sunday we had over 70 from that same area! God is continuing to bless your faithful giving and prayers.
Something else happened that day when we went there to reach those people with God’s love…
Keren ( an 11 year old girl from our Children’s Home) went with us and as we were leaving I asked her is she enjoyed all that God let us do. She said yes, but her heart was broken because of how sad and bad off the people were. She has such a great heart for others and you can see that even though she was abandoned (and could be angry) the love of God shows all around her.
I reminded her that she was why God sent our family to Peru and she smiled so big.

Thank you for all you do,

The Kennedys

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