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Celebrating 6 incredibly amazing years…

On March 25th New Life Children’s Home celebrated it’s 6th year anniversary (since bringing in it’s first children)!!!
We give God the glory for all that He has done over the past 6 years through this ministry. Many lives have been changed forever! 59 children that once were abandoned now have a family and over 30 (including 14 babies) are presently at the Home now, surrounded by a wonderful staff who loves and gives them Godly care everyday…waiting to be adopted!
God has met every need we have had and has sent so many wonderful people our way so that this ministry could exist.
Thank you God for allowing our family to be a small part of this work and thank you for caring for us the way that you do. You are an awesome God and we love you!!!
We also want to say thank you to everyone out there that has obeyed God and allowed Him to use you in this ministry. Thank you to those that pray for us, those that faithfully support this ministry, those that have come here to work, or helped send someone to work. God has blessed your obedience and He has blessed us through you.

Happy Anniversary New Life Children’s Home!

written by Mikey and his dad.

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