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There you are! I have to share with you that this blogging is so very new to me. The truth is that I could not even remember my password to log in! Now, after trying so many times, I was so glad to finally get logged in. Let’s catch up! These last couple of weeks were filled with so many wonderful blessings and opportunities to serve.

Our short trip to the states  went wonderful. A couple of great friends bought me a Flip video recorder for my birthday to carry around with me, and it is awesome! If you don’t have one and you love life and all the crazy things that can happen in just a day you need one of these! Actually if you don’t like life this might help give you something fun to do and laugh at later. My son Joshua and I got to film each other having fun together as we spent some great quality(father and son) time together.

We so enjoyed the revival meeting and felt so blessed to be a part of it. The Lord blessed each and every service in a special way! Thank you Mill Creek for your kindness and for giving me the great honor of speaking. You have become very special to us!

I also preached a youth rally and several youth and adults got saved! This was fun and the message really hit home to me personally! “Prepare for any battle.”

Joshy and I also went with some great friends to a college football team…North Carolina won too!!!!!!

We also went to visit Taylor Sexton at College and even beat her at put-put…it is normally basketball I beat her at! It was a blessing to spend time with her.

Last week we had three great friends visiting with us(Dr. Kevin Willis, Bill Haney, and Tim Robinson). We seen tons of people as we did a medical campaign in villages, a school, and other areas. The people loved having us just care for them without asking anything in return. We saw so many people each day suffering from things like parasites, colds, caugh, and other problems that did not have the funds to go see a Doctor. We also saw several saved!

As I send this update to you I’m just outside the High Jungle with several friends(including two of my sons Mikey and Zachy).

Yesterday we went to an Indian village and gave out Bibles. Today we will be going into the Jungle again to give out more Bibles, glasses, and tracts. Please pray for us as we try to reach others with the Word of God.

I have a special prayer request for you today. Last night someone broke into our home while Chelene and three of our children were sleeping. Praise the Lord all the kids were sleeping with my wife and no one harmed them!  They did take our computer and lots of important information. What is importants is that our family is safe. Thank you for your prayers!

Bro. Mike

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