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“Behold all things become new…”

Praise the Lord we have an updated website site!

Welcome everyone to the site that we at Perumissions and New Life Children’s Home have been working on just for you. We pray that as you are here visiting the Lord will use this site to encourage you through all that He is doing in this ministry.

We hope you follow us as we continue to update with new information and photos each week. Sign up to receive our updated prayer letters via e-mail as well.

Thank you so much for your prayers for our family and the ministries here in Peru, South America!


The Kennedys and The New Life Children’s Home

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  1. Wayne McDowell says:

    Brother Mike and Family: Its 10:30 Wed. Night, we’ve been to church and I was thinking about you guys. I pray that all is well and the children are happy. I just wanted to tell you that we are praying for you, your family and the childrens home. We [my family] are praying that your needs be met and that God will answer prayers in guiding your family and keep you safe. I am looking forward to our trip with Kevin Willis and the rest of our crowd, if you will. My daughter Paige is coming with us. She would love to help with the children while we are there. It looks like March 5th-12. Love You guys, May God Bless You In Your Journeys.

    • Mike Kennedy says:

      Thank you so very much brother for your prayers and for thinking of us. We are excited that you and Paige will also be a part of the group. As always, I’m sure we will have an awesome time serving the Lord together.

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