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Another New Child in New Life Children’s Home

Over the last two weeks we’ve taken in three more children into our Children’s Home. They are more than just a picture, or a story, but real lives with real needs!
Friday we took in a 3 year old girl that was found beaten and abandoned. Her name is Megan. Sunday was her first time at and she had such a joy about her. Both morning and night services she wanted to dance as we sang. This 3 year old girl now has a new life and a future ahead of her. Even though it is a heartache to see what these children have gone through at such an early age, the blessing from seeing God change all of that and turning their bad into something good is worth the tears and hard work. Please continue to pray that we can continue to reach many many more. Would you pray about sponsoring Megan and helping us care for her?

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  1. Penny Jenkins says:

    Hi Mike and Chelene! I have been in contact with Peggy and sent off our first sponsorship letter..I told her to choose a little gal for us..could this be the one? We’d be happy to sponsor Megan if needed..Blessings! Penny

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