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Another Adoption at NLCH!!!

Today at New Life Children’s Home we have a very special little boy scheduled to be adopted. We, through your help, and prayers have invested over 4 years into his life, teaching him God’s Word. We have seen God bless and work in amazing ways. When this little boy came to us after being abandoned by his parents he was hurt, scared and very sad. Within no time his life began to change (just as many others have) and through God’s love he began to smile. Giordano now knows He will never be abandoned by God and that same God has a wonderful plan for his life.
We will miss him, as we miss all of the children we’ve seen adopted, but give God the praise and thanks for allowing us to have a part in giving them “New Life.”
Blessings to you all,

From the Kennedy family, and all us of at NLCH

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