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An entire village burt to the ground…

My family and I just got in from visiting our bus route in the new shanty village on the right side of the mountain going into Cieneguilla (about 10 minutes from where we have a church and our Children’s Home). Early this morning we had received a call telling us that yesterday a group of over three hundred people (who had paid a crooked judge off for ownership documents of the land) went to each house and burned every one down (including what little they owned that was in the shanty houses).
Today we gave a few blankets out that we had given to us and I got to speak to a group of about 50 or so and share with them the Gospel as they stood out by the main road crying. It seemed as if everyone prayed and asked Christ into their hearts…many with tears!
Everyone that lived there (around 2000 people or so) came home to nothing but ashes. They are not even allowing them on the land unless they buy the land and pay that community for it. It was heartbreaking not to have an answer for them. They begged me to help, but I could do nothing to give them a place to live. We drove to the store and purchased cold drinks and cups for them to have something to drink as they stood out by the main road trying to get in to see if they had something left to pick up and take with them. All of them told me that they had no place to go. Many kids were there with their moms just waiting…with not much hope! This has been my day so far. Attached are a couple of photos.
Over the last two years we have seen many saved in this village. We had a bus route there picking up people every week. It will be sad not having those children and adults getting off the bus tomorrow morning at church!
Please pray for God’s Work and His Word to keep reaching the people there.
Blessings to you all and thank you for visiting our site.

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  1. Laura says:

    wow that is horrible i will be praying for each individual that lost there home! i pray that those people that did accept the Lord will realize that they didn’t lose everything b-cuz they have God on there side!
    love in Christ
    may GOD bless u all for what u have done!

  2. Melissa Joanne says:

    WOW! thats really sad! we went there with yall and saw a few saved there!! its hard to believe that something like that could happen in a blink of an eye! ya know…i just keep praying for those people i saw when i went and i pray that they will see that there is hope…everyday ur alive there is hope i will continue to pray for the families and the lives there!

  3. Calley says:

    This is so terrible. Would it be possible for us to send blankets, or any other supplies to help with this situation? Is it difficult to send a large container with supplies?

  4. Steve Willis says:

    Mike –

    Words fail us as we think of the devastation and the suffering of these people. This act, at the very least, a confirmation of Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” Our prayers go out for these people, and for you and your work as you seek to minister to them. We will also pray for the perpetrators – they desperately need the Gospel of God’s grace.

    Steve Willis

  5. Melinda Schram says:

    Dear mike and Chelene
    It has been awhile since being in contact with you. This breaks my heart, just as the childrens stories do. I pray that the next time you are in the U.S. you will once again consider visiting Tabernacle Baptist Church in King George, Va. Either way we are praying for you.

    With many Prayers
    Melinda Schram

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