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An Awesome Day!

I want to welcome everyone. This is our first blog ever and we couldn’t have asked for a better day to begin this. But, first I have to share this. Last night we took in a two month old precious little baby girl that was rescued as her mother was trying to throw her over a bridge. Her name is Rita. May God use NLCH to give her a “new life.”

Other ministry news is that we saw God working all day. First we met with two Judges who are working with the declaration decree for three siblings in NLCH and God really touched both their hearts to help in a great way. Please pray that soon these children will be with their Christian family that loves them so much. Also pray for the other children in NLCH that they too will soon be with the families God has for them.

Tonight we went to the largest military base here in Lima and fed around a hundred soldiers supper, then we gave them the Gospel. Most all of them professed to have received Christ as Savior!!!!! Hallelujah!

Tomorrow we are going to a holding tank were abandoned babies and girls(who are found in places like the trash or on the streets) are held until they are placed by a Judge into a Children’s Home(or institution). We are going to serve them supper and share the Gospel with them. Please pray for God’s blessings.

I hope this blog will be a blessing to you and you follow along as I continue to share what God is doing here in Peru.

In His Service,

Bro. Mike

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