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Soup Kitchen

A Soup Kitchen

We praise the Lord that we have started several new bus routes here in Cieneguiila this year. Two of these new routes in very poor areas and have families who have very little to almost nothing to eat. Along with Sister Peggy Moran working these routes every Sunday morning and doing Bible studies in both every week, we have also been taking rice, vegetables, and other items to help feed these families. These are like neighborhood kitchens (mostly just set up outside) where the people who live in a particular area can help their neighbors in need. It has been a joy to see what God has done through Sister Peggy and our ministries here to help feed these families and through this, many have come to know Christ as their Savior! Please continue to pray that soon we will be able to build our portable soup kitchen and take this into different areas giving out soup, bread, and most importantly the Gospel! Hallelujah!

Reaching The Homeless

We (as a group) purchase heavy wool blankets and give them out with Bibles and tracts to people living on the streets. We go out at night and find people sleeping on and under benches, in trash dumps, doorways, sidewalks, parks, under bridges and wherever we can to share with them the love of Christ. There are so many wonderful stories of people of all ages, that we’ve been able to help sleeping on the streets with no one to love them. Several of the groups that have come to visit us go with us as we cover them with a nice warm blanket and share Christ’s love for them.

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