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God has uniquely gifted his children to serve Him. I Peter 4:10

It is our belief that everyone should be a part of missions. Not everyone can go to a foreign land and live, but everyone can take part in some way or another in foreign missions. One of the ways that we feel the Lord has us helping, is through hosting groups. Each year we have the privilege of hosting several groups that come to see and be a part of missions first hand. The benefits from these trips, such as serving with your missionaries, souls saved, churches edified, eyes open to the needs of the harvest, experience overseas, relationships built, new ministries started, projects completed, sharing your personal testimony overseas, and both lives and churches changed forever are well worth every sacrifice. It is all about obeying God and being open to His leading that brings the most benefits out of a missions trip. Don’t expect anything to be like the United States. Every culture is different, requiring different ways of going about ministry. As you adjust to differences overseas, remember not to be critical of others or the way they do things. A critical attitude can interfere with the work of the Holy Spirit. Keep an open mind— you just might pick up some great ministry ideas yourself. Flexibility and a cooperative attitude are your keys to a successful missions experience.

Here are just some of the things you can look forward to, while on a life-changing missions trip:

Evangelistic outreaches–There are many wonderful open doors to take the gospel where there are no churches and to people who have never heard the Gospel.

University and Public School Ministries— We have been in several public schools over the years and have seen thousands profess to come to Christ, and even more presented with the true plan of Salvation.

Children’s Home–Spend time with the children at New Life Children’s Home. These are some of the most wonderful children in the world all because of God’s love and grace. Many come here to be a blessing to these children, but leave feeling that the time spent with the children was even more of a blessing to them.

Social projects–Everything from building churches to houses for the homeless, there are many opportunities for work groups, and other special projects. A great opportunity for you to use your gifts and talents for the Lord!

Holding tanks–This is where abandoned children are placed until the authorities can place them in “institutions.” We take Bibles, food, and candy, then we get to spend time with the children and share the gospel .

Local Markets–As we pass out tracts you can see how the common people do their shopping.

Village Work–You can be apart of taking the gospel to un-churched areas, and experience the excitement of large outdoor meetings with hundreds of kids and adults. This is just a part of what you will experience in the local villages. It is amazing how kind and open the people are, and the hunger they have to hear the truth.

Medical Campaigns–This is especially for doctors, nurses, dentists, professionals, and those willing to serve along side helping, as we go into some of the poorest areas and set up mobile clinics.

Homeless outreach–We (as a group) purchase heavy wool blankets and give them out with Bibles and tracts to people living on the streets. We go out at night and find people sleeping on and under benches, in trash dumps, doorways, sidewalks, parks, under bridges and wherever we can to share with them the love of Christ. There are so many wonderful stories of people of all ages, that we’ve been able to help sleeping on the streets with no one to love them. Several of the groups that have come to visit us go with us as we cover them with a nice warm blanket and share Christ’s love for them.

Soup kitchens–We praise the Lord that we have started several new bus routes here in Cieneguiila this year. Two of these new routes in very poor areas and have families who have very little to almost nothing to eat. Along with Sister Peggy Moran working these routes every Sunday morning(when she is here in Peru) and doing Bible studies in both every week, we have also been taking rice, vegetables, and other items to help feed these families. These are like neighborhood kitchens (mostly just set up outside) where the people who live in a particular area can help their neighbors in need. It has been a joy to see what God has done through Sister Peggy and our ministries here to help feed these families and through this, many have come to know Christ as their Savior! Please continue to pray that soon we will be able to build our portable soup kitchen and take this into different areas giving out soup, bread, and most importantly the Gospel! Hallelujah!

Police & Military Base Outreaches–We’ve seen God open the door for us to take groups and share the Gospel to several Police Stations and Military Bases. We have seen many saved through these ministries.

If you are interested in bringing a group down for a once in a lifetime mission trip please contact us for more detailed information at or

If you feel the Lord would have you to help with any of these ministries please send your support or donations to our support address (CMC) c/o the Kennedy Family along with a note of how you would like to designate your gift. All donations and support given for these ministries will solely be used as designated.

Please pray for us, and the wonderful opportunities that we have to work with and host groups throughout the year. We have many exciting things scheduled, but what is so rewarding and amazing is to see God work opening doors, touching hearts, and changing lives!


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