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We are amazed at what the Lord has allowed us to see and be a part of at NLCH. We have seen both young and elderly sacrifice of their time and resources to come here and work to help give hope to these children. We have seen children brought from the worst of circumstances to a Home where they are loved and taught that they are special to God their creator. We have seen several come to trust the Lord as their personal Savior and commit their lives to serving Him. We have seen children that once were abandoned on the streets, in parks, or in the trash, become adopted and now have a family to love them and teach them God’s Word. We’ve seen God continue to bless day after day and meet every need that we’ve had to continue this ministry that belongs to Him! Would you please pray with us that our monthly support would increase to meet the budget that we have now, and even be able to take in more children.

Our goal is not only to give them rest for their bodies,
but rest for their souls;
not only peace in their lives,
but peace in their hearts;
not only food in their stomachs,
but food for their souls;
not only hope now,
but hope for eternity;
not only a home here, but a home in heaven.

Update on New Life Children’s Home

We have seen God do great things through this ministry. We’ve maintained an average of 30 children living in the Home with several more adoptions this year. We’ve recently taken in 4 new children and they are adapting very well. Many of the children are waiting to be adopted, and are waiting only to be placed with a family, or for their paperwork to be completed. Please keep them in your prayers.


The goal of our Children’s Home is to see each child adopted and then continue the process of reaching more children who are totally abandoned. We are NOT an adoption agency, nor do we have the power to choose what child goes to what family. A family must go through an adoption agency in the US that is approved to do adoptions in Peru. Once their dossier is approved in Peru, the proper authorities then place a child (or children) with a specific family that they feel is right for both parties (the family and the child).

We have had the privilege of helping several Christian families adopt from Peru, but our help is limited because we can make NO guarantees what families will be approved, what child they will receive, or how long their individual process will take. These are things out of our control and must be given to the Lord and trust that HE is soverign and faithful. We do have a tremendous staff that is committed to helping do everything that we can do legally. We have nice facilities and Christian brothers and sisters that will make your stay in Peru much easier. Because of this type of ministry we receive calls about adoption almost weekly, and we are always glad to help in any way that we can. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions concerning adoption or adoption agencies.

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