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This has been a wonderful year for this church. We have seen many people saved and baptized and the church growing spiritually as well as in numbers. This month we celebrated our 8th year Anniversary at this church!!! We are averaging around 250 on Sunday mornings. We now have 5 bus routes and workers who faithful visit and work these routes. This church has continued to be very strong on discipleship over the years helping Christians grow to reach their potential for Christ.
Our youth group is continuing to grow as well. We now have a great group(over 50) faithful teenagers. This year we began building our first very own youth center at the church. It is simply made of drywall with a cement floor. We are so excited to share with you that this building is now finished(other than painting and a few minor details). We dedicated it to the Lord Sunday evening(November 28, 2010) and used it for the very first time. The youth are very excited about this!
Thank you to everyone that has helped with this project either financially or prayerfully. May many young people be reached for Christ through this youth center.

Bro. David Taza is the Pastor and is doing a great job. He has a great vision for this church, his life, and for his Country. He also works with each ministry that we have going on and with each new church plant that we start. We praise the Lord for His blessings on this work and for giving us wonderful nationals to work with.

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