Peru Missions

Evangelism Outreach

We (as a group) purchase heavy wool blankets and give them out with Bibles and tracts to people living on the streets. We go out at night and find people sleeping on and under benches, in trash dumps, doorways, sidewalks, parks, under bridges and wherever we can to share with them the love of Christ. There are so many wonderful stories of people of all ages, that we’ve been able to help sleeping on the streets with no one to love them. Several of the groups that have come to visit us go with us as we cover them with a nice warm blanket and share Christ’s love for them.

University and School Ministries

We praise the lord for the doors that have been opened for us to enter several Schools and Universities to share the word of God.

Update on University and School Ministries

We have been in several public schools over the years and have seen hundreds come to Christ, and even more presented with the true plan of Salvation. With hosting groups and all the other ministries we have going on we haven’t had much time to focus just on the Universities. There is however an overwhelming amount of Universities here in Lima alone and we continue to pray for more laborers and more opportunities to enter with the Gospel.

Soccer tournament Outreach

We are always looking for new opportunities to share the Gospel. The people of Peru are so very kind and open to meet new friends and receive God’s Word. The Lord led us to host a soccer tournament for the public schools. A friend who has a trophy shop in Virginia made and donated 100 professional medallions and three beautiful trophies for us to give out to the participating schools. It was awesome!

We invited ten schools to have their teams represent them for the trophies and each player received a medallion with Romans 10:13 on the back. Midway of the tournament we presented the Gospel and gave an invitation to trust Christ. Several made a public profession and everyone received a New Testament and tract. We had several teachers, coaches, and even a couple of school bands there to support their teams. We’ve already started planning two more tournaments for this year. Four trophies and 200 medallions have already been made and donated for this wonderful outreach. Please pray with us that this outreach will reach many more for Christ.

We Praise the Lord that we will be doing another Soccer Tournament this year. Thanks to our dear friends brother and Sister Ben Biddle from Lexington, KY. who have made us beautiful trophies and medallions to give away in the tournament. We were hoping to have this tournament a couple of months ago, but due to the swine flu school was out for several weeks here in Peru. Now that school is back in session we are signing up teams now. Please pray for this event that many young people and teachers will put their faith in Christ as their personal Savior.

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