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Calvary Baptist Church sets on four connecting lots on the main road in the mountainous area of Pachacutec. We have a large metal building that was given to us by a Christian Brother in the United States. It set high on the mountain with a view of the shanty homes that surround it. This is a very poor area where there are an estimated 700,000 shanty homes. The people are very humble and receptive. We’ve been working in this area for more than five years now having open air meetings with visiting church groups, and others from our work here in Peru. We’ve seen hundreds saved in these mountains, but no church close enough to send them to. We have a desire to plant (or help plant) at least six churches in this area of Peru. We’ve tried starting Churches in the people’s homes, but because of the homes being so small we’ve always had more people that room. We want to thank those that have given specifically for this work to be built and for Calvary Baptist Church who faithfully supports this work.

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