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The birth of New Life Children’s Home allows children who have been abandoned by their parents and have been left homeless on the streets to have a place to call home. New Life Children’s Home is operated under the local church ministry here in Peru and is dedicated to serving and ministering to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of abandoned children in Peru, South America.

They will be raised by carefully selected, loving Peruvians who will “train them up” in a Biblical home environment. They will receive a Christian education and training in various trades which will prepare them to become productive individuals, reaching their own country for Christ.

The Facts

Peru is home to approximately 27 million souls. It is estimated that over 60% of the people of Peru live below poverty level with half of the population being under the age of eighteen. Of these, many are children who were abandoned on the streets, under bridges, or left in isolated desert mountain areas.

Many have awakened from a nap to realize that their parents have left them behind on public buses. Daily, on the streets of Peru you can see many young children begging among vehicles in heavy traffic selling candies, shining shoes, searching for something to eat or someone to show compassion.

These children are forced to grow up and learn the ways of the streets with no hope of a better future. They learn a life of theft, deception, and danger, never knowing where their next meal will come from. They learn to frown in order to gain pity. They beg in order to survive. They suffer from malnutrition, a lack of love and affection, and no spiritual guidance.

There IS Hope!

If these children are not reached now, the cycle will continue. These children will grow up and teach the same lack of self worth to their children. It is a hopeless and senseless way of life.

Would you allow God to use you to change the life of a child?

Being an Independent Baptist ministry, we depend on churches and individuals to support the work that God has called us to. We would appreciate your help in reaching these children so they can have a chance at a better life, both now and for eternity.

Each child will be sponsored by individuals and/or churches whose hearts the Lord has touched. All funds sent will be used solely for the purpose of raising and caring for these children.

As a Sponsor, You will Receive:

  • A packet explaining the sponsorship program
  • A photo and history of your child
  • Correspondence from your child
  • Timely updates from the staff
  • The blessing of knowing you gave a child a chance for a better future

Please pray earnestly about your part in the lives of these children.

If God should lead you to support this ministry, please download this brochure, fill out the detachable “Request for Information” card and mail it, write us at the provided address, or email us here.

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