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If you feel the Lord would have you be a part of our ministry in Peru, and other parts of South America you may send your support to:

Central Missionary Clearing House
P.O. Box 219228
Houston, Texas 77218

(marked for the Kennedy family in Peru)

As Missionaries we realize that there are many great ministries out there that you can give to. We also realize that many of you are already doing all that you can to help us, or others in the ministry. Thank you for all that you do! Please pray with us concerning these needs.

Praise the Lord the New Life Children’s Home is growing and reaching more children. This means that we need monthly support for this ministry to meet the budget and so we can take in more abandoned children.

In 2007 one of our supporting churches sent a container with Bibles, diapers, sewing machines, clothes, chairs, and a backhoe. The company that was used in Peru for receiving the container has gone out of business and has therefore caused us not to be able to get the container or the items inside. We presently have some friends working with government officials that are helping us locate the container so that we can get it out. Please pray for this.

We have been given funds to begin building on the back property of the Children’s Home. We are building eight apartments where short term teachers/missionaries will live and teach at the Christian School.

Also those working as interns at the Children’s Home will stay there. What a great open door this will be for those that God is calling to the mission field and opportunity for our ministry to help. Many Pastors and parents have trusted us with their young people over the years.

We almost always have someone giving of their time, talents, and treasures to be there working at the Children’s Home. Thank you for trusting us, and giving us this wonderful privilege.

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