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  • March Update

    Thank you for visiting and we hope that you enjoy our updates. God has been blessing in many ways. “Thank you” to all of you that take a part of this ministry. We love you and praise the Lord for you, The Kennedys NLCH MARCH UPDATE pdf

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  • Celebrating 6 incredibly amazing years…

    On March 25th New Life Children’s Home celebrated it’s 6th year anniversary (since bringing in it’s first children)!!! We give God the glory for all that He has done over the past 6 years through this ministry. Many lives have been changed forever! 59 children that once were abandoned now have a family and over […]

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  • I love giving out Gospel tracts…

    Today I walked to Burger King to eat a late lunch, and while I was inside eating a young boy approached me and asked for some food. I handed him my order of french fries (thinking he would not really want my half eaten hamburger). He said “gracias” (thank you) and turned to walk away. […]

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  • An entire village burt to the ground…

    My family and I just got in from visiting our bus route in the new shanty village on the right side of the mountain going into Cieneguilla (about 10 minutes from where we have a church and our Children’s Home). Early this morning we had received a call telling us that yesterday a group of […]

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  • Pastors & Leaders Conference 2011

    You can help over 500 + National Pastors & Leaders become more effective in their ministry. We are hosting our Annual Pastors Conference April 5-8, 2011 in Peru. Support a Pastor for this conference for only $20.00. The estimated cost to have this conference is $9500.00, this will cover the cost of all their needs […]

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  • Another New Child in New Life Children’s Home

    Over the last two weeks we’ve taken in three more children into our Children’s Home. They are more than just a picture, or a story, but real lives with real needs! Friday we took in a 3 year old girl that was found beaten and abandoned. Her name is Megan. Sunday was her first time […]

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  • Update on our family…and how we need your help!

    Yesterday our children started back to school. I guess you could consider this as an “answer to prayer” and a “prayer request.” We are very thankful for the small Christian School that our children are able to attend while serving here on the mission field. Fetzer Memorial Christian Academy is a wonderful school that God […]

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  • Rescued two more babies!

    With all the “sad news” going on all around us…are you ready to hear some wonderful new? We have recently taken in two more babies that were abandoned. John is only 14 months old. He came into the Children’s Home last week. Maria is only two months old and she came into our Home on […]

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  • Passion…an awesome beginning already!

    No doubt there will be many challenges and obstacles for us to confront this year as is with every year, but our focus is not on the challenges, the sacrifices, the disappointments, or even the things we can not accomplish. Although each of these things deserve our attention and our faithful trust in the Lord […]

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    Today (January 6th, 2011) is our oldest son’s Birthday. He is now 14 years old!!! Son, There could not be a mom or dad in this world who could be more proud of their son than what we are of you. Since the day you entered our lives we have had a joy that words […]

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