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The Kennedy Family

Anniversary: 3/15
Mike 10/12
Chelene 11/10
Mikey 1/6/97
Joshua 8/18/98
Zachary 7/25/00
Mikayla 7/15/02
Zane 8/29/05
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3724
Martinsville, VA 24115
Support Address: Central Missionary Clearing House
P.O. Box 219228
Houston, TX 77218
Field Address: The Kennedys
Casilla 04
La Molina, Lima 12
Peru, South America
Field Telephone (US): 678-792-2319
Mike’s Cell Phone: 011-511-99037-2620
Home Church: Sandy Creek Baptist Church
Mike’s E-mail:
Chelene’s Email:


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Casilla 04, La Molina, Lima 12,
Peru, South America

Lima, Peru

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